5 Songs That Make Me REALLY Happy

Some songs that one can bank on that makes me happy at any time of the day or night.

When you need to be at your peak performance, you need to be in your peak mood and mindset is a whole another thing. Your best work is produced when you are at your peak in the mind to start with. There is art in deep listening and being lost in music and in this world, it's second to meditation. Here are some happy music tracks that lift my mood up and bring the energy and perspective I need to win back the day. Hope they do the same to you

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

I want to line it up to just 5 songs, and maybe, they may not be as relevant or agreeable to you, however, these songs have some very encouraging lyrics. I have tried my best to reason why

Song 1: Azwell & Ingrosso.- Something new

Imagine being in the crowd at their concert, hands in the air, jumping up and down, everyone excited and happy. Great song to start the day.

Song 2: Chris Malinchak - So good to me

The simplicity of this song, progressive build of the music, and a girl looking for her missing Giraffe, makes you smile.

Song 3:Major Lazer - Light it Up (feat.Nyla & Fuse ODG)

Another song to listen to to get me going. I listen to this song mid-day sometimes to give me a boost of energy and keep me going

Song 4: Bon Jovi - We weren't born to follow

I am the 80's kid who grew up with the classics of Rock and I cant imagine a playlist without Bon Jovi or ACDC etc., This one particular song sets the day right, keeps me motivated.

Song 5: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Why this song? It's not always upbeat, this is a perfect evening song, sunset song. This sets the tempo right, reinstates my faith back in the day, keeps me going.

Hope you will enjoy this list and begin your day perfect